Time Travel Trivia

Time Travel Trivia

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Can your students guess which movie, TV Show, game or book these time machines are from?


Perhaps no sci-fi concept is more timeless (pun intended) than time travel. Plenty of movies, shows, video games, and books have presented their own versions of time travel, and this game gives your students the opportunity to figure out which piece of fiction spawned certain famous time machines.

The game can be a fun ice breaker or even be used in conjunction with a message on past, present, or future. It can be played in a number of ways:

1. Up-front game with a few contestants.
2. Group game (at a table) in which groups of 3-6 students compete against each other.
3. Crowd game in which everyone plays and the first one to raise their hand gets to answer.

What’s included:
PowerPoint and Keynote versions of the game
25 JPEG slides: title slide, instructions slide, tie breaker slide, 11 question slides, 11 answer slides

Ken Leslie