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Time is Weird is a one-off message about how we use our time. Using Ecclesiastes 3 and Psalm 31, you will encourage students to stop trying to control their time and let God take control.


Time is Weird is a one-off message about how students might use their time to honor God. There are many students that feel like they just don't have enough time to do all that God wants them to do, but they can work on submitting all of their time to God in order for Him to help them prioritize their schedules.

TIME IS WEIRD was a part of a series we did talking about different weird things each week - like parents and money. You could probably think of other weird things unique to your group!

This topic could work well in the fall when students are deciding how to spend their time in a new school year.

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This is a simple sermon that will be made better with several personal stories.
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