This Way or That Way - Christmas Edition

This Way or That Way - Christmas Edition

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Get your students moving with this Christmas version of the popular This Way or That Way game.


Real tree or Fake tree? Crazy lights or Pretty lights? Justin Bieber Christmas or Mariah Carey? Get your student to respond to these choices by moving to one side of the room or the other in this fun, easy to play, Christmas crowd breaker.

Simply show the slide and ask, “If you like Minty candy canes, go This Way, but if you’d rather have a Fruity candy cane go That Way. Make sure you wish a Merry Christmas to someone on your way across the room!”

If you like this, you’ll want to get the other three editions of This Way or That Way to use all year round too!

What’s included:

    • Complete PowerPoint version of the game
    • Complete individual game slides (JPEG files): Title slide, 10 choice slides

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Ken Leslie