This is Why I'm Broke Super Bundle

This is Why I'm Broke Super Bundle

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7 game bundle of the hit game!


The hit series "This Is Why I'm Broke" game lands in a HUGE 7-game bundle for the ages. If you liked any of them or just trust in the fact that there's this many of them to let you know how good they are, these are for you! A hilarious price-guessing video-driven premium game that's loads of fun!

Did you just win the lottery and you need some ideas on how to spend your millions? Need some ideas for your Christmas list? In this video-driven screen game, you will show some amazing products available online. Contestants have to guess how much the items cost. Whoever gets the closest to the actual price, wins a point.

Set-Up: You'll need some type of software that can display video (Pro-presenter, PowerPoint, etc.)

This Resource Includes: 7 full games that EACH include - 
• 1 Title video clip (mp4 files)
• 15 video clip Q&As (mov and mp4 files)

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IDEA: You can use whiteboards for students to write their guesses on.

Sam Pettersen