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Three themed message videos that communicate spiritual truth. You can use them in your weekly program to transition into or out of your message, or, depending on the content, use them as a teaching element.


Videos can be an incredible way to transition between different elements of your program (like from worship to your message), and they can also communicate important truths in a memorable, visual, compelling way.

This pack includes a variety of this type of themed message video - try them out in your program!

  • The Kingdom is Here Spoken Word: A "spoken word" video that can be used as a stand-alone resource during a Sunday service, a prelude to a sermon, or as a way to end a sermon. [Covers: Jesus giving a blind man sight, Jesus turning water into wine, Jesus feeding 5,000 and Jesus healing a leper.]
  • Scripture Video John 1:5 Dark to Light: This 2-minute video reflects on the past few years in what seemed like a very dark time in our world. The video shares John 1:5 and talks about how darkness can't overcome the light - who is Jesus. No matter how dark it seems Jesus will continue to shine bright.
  • Lectio Divina Psalm 23: Lectio Divina (Latin for “Divine Reading”) is a traditional method of praying with Scripture that invites us to slow down and commune with God in a reflective way. Lead viewers through a time of Lectio Divina in which a passage of the Bible will be read three times, with prompts for reflection and prayer. (Psst....the entire pack is available for sale here)


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Ryan White

Based in Keller Texas, Ryan is a California boy living in Texas working for Northwood Church as the Creative Coordinator
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