The What

The What

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A 3-week series looking at three main truths of what Christians believe.


What do Christians believe? What is the gospel message? Many teenagers claim to be Christians, yet when asked what the Christian faith proclaims or to describe the gospel, they get tongue-tied or say something theologically inaccurate. This three-week series will help students understand "THE WHAT" of the Christian faith because it's important for students to graduate from our youth ministries with a clear understanding of what they believe.

This series is broken into three weeks, with three different "WHATS" of the Christian faith.

Week 1: God The Bible teaches that there's only one true God, who created all things. He's a God who is holy, just, loving, and merciful.

Week 2: Humanity The Bible states that God created humanity in His image, yet humans are sinful and broken people who deserve eternal separation from God as a consequence of their sin.

Week 3: The Good News There's a huge problem: God is Holy and just, meaning he can't tolerate evil and punishes sin; however, God is also loving and merciful. So God offers a solution for the sin of mankind: Jesus. There's "good news" for all Christians: humanity is justified through faith in Christ.

This Resource Includes:
• Graphics: One main, themed title slide, and one blank, themed content slide created by DYM to use for branding the series and inserting into the session slides.
• Teaching Guides: Three comprehensive and easy-to-use teaching manuscripts that are all 1,500 words or more. One teaching guide for each week.
• Session Slides: Three simple (PowerPoint and Keynote) files with the main teaching points and passages from the teaching guides. Use as is or edit, add to, and/or add the DYM graphics in the background to custom these slides to fit your exact desire and need.
• Student Outlines: Three fill in the blank student outlines to pass out as single documents for students or to include into your weekly bulletin. These outlines, one per week, will follow along with the main teaching points from the teaching guides and session slides.
• Morning Prayers: Three morning prayers to give your students before entering into the morning teaching as a way to help your group center and quiet their spirits for what God has for them during the teaching. These morning prayers can be used as single documents to pass out, or can be copy-and-pasted to your morning bulletin.
• Small Group Leader Guides: Three easy-to-use and comprehensive guides for your small group leaders.
• Author Info: Contact info for the author if any questions, clarity, or help are desired as you use this series.

Chad Merrihew