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A study of Psalm 86:11

Week 1 - "Walking in Humility"
Key Passage: Micah 6:8
Teaching Point: This purpose of this lesson is to evoke the thought that we must be learners in order to be taught. Without humility, we can't allow God to teach us. The beginning of a holy walk with Christ is learning His ways and giving Him glory rather than seeking it for ourselves.

Week 2 - "Walking in Prayer and Bible Study"
Key Passage: Philippians 1:9-10
Teaching Point: Our next step in TheWalk is getting into the Word, which is God's Truth, and seeking Him in prayer. We cannot expect to have a meaningful relationship with Christ without seeking Him in prayer and truth.

Week 3 - "Worship is Walking"
Key Passage: Romans 12:2
Teaching Point: The third concept in learning the ways of the Lord is focusing on worship. We were created and we are alive today to worship. Our primary act of worship is offering our bodies as living sacrifices to God and walking with Him.

Week 4 - "Walking with a Divided Heart"
Key Passage: Mark 3:25
Teaching Point: The first step in learning what it means to have an undivided heart is discovering what a divided heart looks like. We cannot serve God half-heartedly or with our focus on other things. God demands all of us and all of our hearts.

Week 5 - "Walk with an Undivided Heart"
Key Passage: Ezekiel 11:19
Teaching Point: Now that we know about a divided heart, we can discover what an undivided heart looks like. The Psalmist writes in Psalm 86:11, "give me an undivided heart..." What does this mean? An undivided heart pleases the Lord. If our house is not divided against itself, it will not fall. If we build our lives on Christ, He will be the center.

Week 6 - "Walk Justly"
Key Passage: Deuteronomy 16:20
Teaching Point: We will explore what it is to fear the name of the Lord by seeing His good and perfect justice. We will see what the Bible says about a God-sized view of justice and correct our man-sized and man-centered view of justice.
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Steve Spence