The Thanksgiving Party

The Thanksgiving Party

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Everything necessary for hosting an “intentional” Thanksgiving party for your youth ministry.


Take a night away from small groups (typically in November, but you can always be crazy and throw a Thanksgiving party in January) to host a Thanksgiving Dinner for your youth ministry. This will be one of the more rewarding nights of the year as you, your leaders, and your students sit around a table to share a “YUMMY” turkey dinner together and to express each other’s gratitude towards God, the Church, and their friends.

This resource will give you every document you’ll need to organize, host, plan, setup, run, and debrief an amazing evening of thanksgiving with your group. The only thing we didn’t include in this resource was a robot to do all the setup and shopping for you. Maybe next time!

In this resource you will find all documents are in Microsoft Word and are 100% editable to fit your specific youth group context, and helpful notes from the authors with tips, insights, and creative ideas.

Have fun with this as it may become one of the annual staples in your group!

This Resource Includes:
1. Materials List: A complete list of all the necessary items needed to setup and run a successful evening with your group. It’s so easy! All you need to know how to do is read and implement!

2. Setup Checklist: A fully detailed and comprehensive checklist of everything you and your team will need to do before the event starts.

3. Party Outline/Manuscript: A 1,500-word outline/manuscript of how to run the night. This will give you exactly what to say and when to say it – along with what to do and when to do it! Included are notes from the authors as well with tips and tricks that may help.

4. Post Party Evaluation: Sit down with this evaluation tool to think through what things you liked, didn’t like, or would improve on for next year. This resource includes the post party evaluation from the trenches as well as a template for you to use yourself after the party is over.

5. Activities Folder: Here you will find all supporting documents needed to support your party along with some additional ideas and resources you may want to use.

6. Author Info: You can contact the authors for questions, brainstorms, or insight to how they’ve run this Thanksgiving dinner for the past eight years.


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