The Successful Mission Trip All in One Toolbox

The Successful Mission Trip All in One Toolbox

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An excel spreadsheet that has everything you need to plan and prepare for a successful mission trip.


Want a way to organize all your administrative stuff for a mission trip in one location? Want it done simply so you can spend less time on the administrative work and more time on other important things? If you love administrative details and want something that is already created to keep you organized, then this is the resource for you!!! I have spent 17-years perfecting this product. Why should you start from scratch when this has EVERYTHING you need?

This Resource Includes:
• Complete Excel spreadsheet file including:
- A fully detailed and customizable Budget
- An Attendance Sheet for pre-trip meetings, luggage drop off and student arrival
- Rooming List
- Emergency Hospital and Urgent Care List to print and hand your leaders
- Sample Packing List
- Sample Itinerary
- Individual Tracking sheets for each member of your group (up to 55 participants pre-loaded and instructions to add an unlimited amount). These sheets can also be printed out and given to each participant for periodical updates.
- Tracking Summary Sheet (to see a summary of what is outstanding for each participant)


David Falcone