The Struggle is Real Series

The Struggle is Real Series

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A 4-week sermon series about stuff we all struggle with, like doubt, emotions, and evangelism.


This is a series for the times when students are confused, when they make the wrong choice, when they don’t know how to feel, when they fail, when they don’t fit in, and when they aren’t sure what to believe. You'll let your students know that they aren't alone in these struggles. Even better, there is hope.

The four teachings cover struggle (1) in general, (2) doubt, (3) emotions, and (4) evangelism.

This Resource Includes:
• Four teaching manuscripts, which include suggested small-group questions.

Editor’s note: This is a really solid series! Note: there is another message in the DYM store also called "The Struggle Is Real," which is about God's view on sex (which this series doesn’t address)… I just want to avoid confusion.


Aaron Buer