The Story of Nicodemus

The Story of Nicodemus

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The Gospel told through the eyes of Nicodemus. In this message, you ARE Nicodemus remembering his encounter with and response to Jesus.


Based on the Gospel of John, this message is perfect for a Good Friday service, or an occasion where you want a powerful Gospel presentation. It could also be used when teaching forgiveness, salvation, or redemption. In my ten years of youth ministry, this was my most successful message.

This message is unique—it's taught as a first-person narrative. This means that YOU—as the speaker—are Nicodemus in this story!

Nicodemus only appears in the Gospel of John, so this narrative is told from the perspective of an older Nicodemus who finally had the courage to tell his story to the final Gospel writer—John the apostle. The feeling of this message is regret for his lack of boldness during the life of Jesus, but he finds this courage later on once he buries Jesus. Just like the redemptive story of Peter found in the Gospel of John, this is the redemptive story of Nicodemus.

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This Resource Includes:

  • Complete narrative transcript
  • Basic outline of narrative (for no-notes ""performance"")
  • Title Slide

Note from Author

About this Product
Get your acting skills out! This type of teaching is UNIQUE and POWERFUL! When telling the story of Nicodemus, use a full range of emotions. It really helps to remember what Jesus did for you! Since you are acting, I would recommend reading the transcript and memorizing the main points of this message, and only using the simple outline provided. It does not need to be perfect—focus on telling a story!