The Stations of the Cross

The Stations of the Cross

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A message and worship experience for students...


You see the cross everywhere - you see it on top of every Christian church in the country, you see it around people's necks on a gold chain, maybe you see it on a tattoo, maybe even in your youth room.

This resource is a youth group talk and short suggested worship experience about one of the most painful moments ever recorded in human history. It is a journey together on the importance of the cross of Calvary - the place where Jesus died. What is the story of the cross? What is the significance of the cross? What's the big deal? Help your students understand the power of Jesus' atoning death and His love for us on the cross!

This Resource Includes:
• Teaching manuscript (1809 words, Word Doc)
• Graphics: Title (JPG and PSD), Verse PSD


Josh Griffin