The Senior Series

The Senior Series

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4 Week Series About Life After Youth Group


Reliable statistics say that 40-50% of High School grads who were actively involved in their youth group will fail to stick with their faith during their college years. This four week series seeks to help students address 4 key questions that will help them make the transition away from Youth Group without making a transition away from God.

WEEK 1 – WHY AM I DOING WHAT I’M DOING? Thinking through the motives and end goal of what you will do after High School.

WEEK 2 – WHAT DO I BELIEVE? Building an understanding of your worldview. Setting Standards & Boundaries.

WEEK 3 – WHO WILL I SURROUND MYSELF WITH? Key steps to find healthy spiritual community.

WEEK 4 – HOW AM I GOING TO FINISH? It’s hard to get your new life phase off to a great start when you finish the current one poorly.

This teaching series is ideal for taking your 12th Graders through it during their Spring semester. It can also be valuable at any time of year or when including other High School grades into the mix.

What’s included:
  • Each week contains a detailed outline teaching script (2,000 words each)
  • PowerPoint or presentation slides
  • Student handouts
  • Also included are several graphics packages for promo slides as well as Instagram-sized photos.

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