The Scholarship Fund

The Scholarship Fund

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Get more students to your next TRIP by eliminating “I CAN’T AFFORD IT” explanations.


This product is a GIFT to youth workers…wow! So much here and so very helpful. It’s worth $50… or $500 to me—it would take me forever to think through all this and create it. Again, wow… thank you DYM and thank you Chad.

Camps, mission trips, weekend retreats, or any other time away for students to exit from the craziness adolescence brings can be life-changing, course-altering, and spiritually impactful. However, the hard reality is that trips cost money, and for many families the financial burden of paying for “one-more-thing” can hinder or even completely eliminate someone from attending.

But what if you could lessen that deterrent and say to students, “If finances are the only thing hindering you from joining us, then we’ll make it happen because we have systems in place to help!”?

A simple, uncomplicated scholarship fund with a few creative options for families to use could be the solution to eliminating the financial stress that trips can cause, especially if a family has multiple students in the youth group.

Use this resource to guide you through setting up a new scholarship fund or to more effectively and creatively steward the scholarship fund your church already has in place.

This Resource Includes:
• Complete user guide (Word file)
• Documents and forms folder (Word and pdf files)
- scholarship application form
- work program content
- payment plan content
- email templates
• Cancellation policy (Word file)
• Author info (Word file)


Chad Merrihew