The REAL Jesus

The REAL Jesus

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2-Week Series on the Life of Christ


This series was originally designed to focus on the life and death of Christ with a grand finale on Easter weekend (where we joined together as a whole church - no youth group that weekend). Included in this series are these 2 sermon outlines:

Week 1 - Jesus: Life and Ministry
This week we shared some of the misconceptions of Jesus and in particular one of the events from the life of Christ: Jesus and the 10 Lepers. We demonstrated why Jesus came to earth an our response to His mission. The heart of the message is thankfulness, and included a clear Gospel presentation.
Week 2 - Jesus: Amazing
Doug Fields talked about the amazing Jesus. He uses the story of the woman at the well as a backdrop for his teaching about the amazing life, miracles and gift of Christ.

Doug Fields


Josh Griffin