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The Price is Wack returns with a new set of WACKY Christmas-themed items! Can your students guess the price of wild eBay purchases? Five-minute countdown and game-only video versions are included.


Editor's Note: This is a really fun and themed interactive countdown. Great graphics and good look and feel to it. An easy add to a pre-service element this month

The kind of things people will buy on eBay is absolutely WACKY! Would you pay $11k for a blow-up Santa?! COME ON!

In this game, (5-minute countdown and game-only versions included), players try and guess how much these totally real Christmas items went for on eBay. See who can get the most answers correct or just play it as a regular countdown.

This is great for easing people into the room, starting conversations, and just having a fun fact-filled time! It's available with or without a holiday backtrack depending on how you want to pump up the jams :)

This Resource Includes: 

  • 5-minute Countdown Video with music (mp4 file)
  • 5-minute Countdown Video with sound effects only (mp4 file)
  • Game video option (no clock) (~5-min) with music (mp4 file)
  • Game video (no clock) (~5-min) with sound effects only (mp4 file)





Isaac Sutton

Isaac Sutton

Isaac is a freelance video editor who loves God and youth pastors! You can see some of his non-DYM work at www.isaacsuttonreel.com