The Maybe Baby Game

The Maybe Baby Game

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In this screen game, students are given funny/interesting trivia questions about babies. They can answer “yes”, “no”, or “maybe”.


Babies are great at eating, sleeping, pooping, and being really cute. But they are so much more interesting than for these reasons alone! Challenge your students’ knowledge of newborns with some really interesting (and sometimes funny) baby trivia.

The point system for this game makes it extra fun. Here’s how it works:
• Have two people (or teams) come to the front of the room.
• Start by asking one person (or team) the first question. If they get it right, they get 1 point. If they get it wrong, they lose 1 point. If they don’t know the answer and don’t want to risk losing a point, they can say ‘maybe’.
• If they say ‘maybe,’ the next question in the game is then asked to the opposing team but it is now worth 2 points (2 points for a right answer, -2 points for a wrong answer).
• If team two says “maybe” as well, then the next question is asked to the opposing team but worth 3 points!

This Resources includes:
• Complete editable PowerPoint game file
• Individual (10 Q&A + instructions) games slides (jpeg files @ 1920 x 1080)
• Title slide (jpeg file)


Ken Mcintyre