The Interview

The Interview

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100+ potential questions to help you prepare for the right youth ministry position!


This training tool is designed for those that are looking to interview for student ministry employment. This tool will give insight into the questions that you should be prepared to ask and questions that you may want to be prepared to answer. Some of these questions may be answered by looking at the church website, but regardless of how you get the answers many of them need to be asked in order to help you make a better decision. God can use you to change lives whether you are serving full time in a paid or volunteer position. “The Interview” is meant to help those who are looking for employment within a church culture.

The following sections are broken down into different question groups. I would encourage you to not only check the questions out but also give time to add your own. Be sure to get some advice from others that are doing ministry in order to get a variety of opinions and insight.

The 100 questions are broken up into these seven categories:
1.Questions to ask the sr. pastor
2.Questions about the student ministry
3.Questions about the church
4.Questions to ask your family
5.Questions regarding the financial package
6.Questions you should be ready to answer
7.Questions to ask God

Bob Anderson