The Internet Names Animals: Volume 2

The Internet Names Animals: Volume 2

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When the Internet can’t remember an animal’s real name, it makes one up. In Volume 2 of this screen-based game series, students guess the animal’s actual name.


What does the Internet call that one animal when you can't seem to remember its name?

We're back with Volume 2!! What do you call that one animal when you can't remember its name? Oh yeah, it's a GOTHIC LAND LOBSTER (also known by its more common name... Scorpion). This game is a series of 10 slides that present a "less than normal" way to refer to a common animal. Your students simply have to provide the animal's actual name. This game can be used as a great up-front game, or as a crowd-participation game. It's pretty flexible... almost as flexible as one of those DANGER NOODLES!!

• Complete PowerPoint game file
• Alternative version file for Apple Keynote
• 10 Q&A individual game slides (jpeg files)
• Title slide (jpeg file)


Josh Boldman

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