The Great Think Off

The Great Think Off

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A fun screen mixer game where every student gets to answer a question about how much they (or the world) thinks about certain topics.


People are talking a lot these days about how much they are thinking about certain topics, questions, or moments in history. The Great Think Off is a fun mixer where students get a chance to sound of on how much they think they are thinking about thinkable thinks (wait... I think that was a little confusing).

It's really not that complicated. In each round two topics that could be thought about are presented. Students will decide which topic is thought about more. Each round gets a little more unique. With 20 rounds to choose from, you can pick you 8-10 favorite (based on your context and students), or split it over 2-3 weeks to be your opener. 

There are two versions of game. play. In the ""World Version,"" students will answer, share, and/or debate their answer based on which topic they believe the world thinks more about. In the ""Individual Version"" students answer based on which topic they personally think more about. They can then share and/or debate why their answer makes the most sense.

Oh, and there is a round where students can weigh in on how much the Roman Empire is thought about.

This Resource Includes:

  • 2 complete PowerPoint game files for each version of gameplay
  • Individual (20 rounds + instructions for each version) game slides (jpeg files)
  • Title slide (jpeg file)


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Get a copy of the Dr Seuss book "Oh The Thinks You Can Think" to be read throughout the game, then give away the book to the best answer, explanation, or debater.
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