The Great Fry Taste Off

The Great Fry Taste Off

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Fries, Friends, Fun! Take your students on The Great Fry Taste Off with your youth group and use it to invite new friends and parents to this delicious event!


Doug's note: I'd do this with my small group in a minute! Super fun and clever idea (like I need more reasons to eat fries... count me in!)

Any event gathered around food is an event geared towards success! We all have an inner desire to critique food, to be a food judge! When you throw french fries into the mix, you have an even primed for success!

This event will have you and your youth taste-testing and judging the fries in your local city. The beautiful part of this, is that this becomes an event to invite friends and newcomers. It's also a perfect event to get your youth into the community, because at each stop, you can communicate to those you run into why you are out and about.

This Resource Includes:
• Event planning info (Word file)
• Event expectations and rules (Word file)
• Score cards (Word file)
• Winner letter (Word file)
• Order of stops for drivers (Word file)
• Graphics (png & jpeg files)


Travis Welch


Will Witkovsky