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A great Ash Wednesday message plus 40 ideas for Lent, too!


  • What do you do with the worst day ever?
  • What do you do with the pain or heavy burdens come your way?
  • What do you do with the challenges you face when you say yes to something BIG?
You lean in closer to it, you find the edge of it and grow closer to the God who loves you, leads you, and will never leave you. This is a message about how to do that, a stand-alone sermon that can be used at anytime but one I'm using here at the start of Lent. Also included are 40 ways to get closer to the edge (that place where intimacy and dependency on God increases) so if you're looking for a solid list of suggestions for the season of Lent, there's 40 of them right here, too! When we

Brooklyn Lindsey