The Doppelganger Game

The Doppelganger Game

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Hilarious game of historical figures who look a lot like famous celebrities


Have you ever noticed the striking resemblance between poet Edgar Allen Poe and acting sensation Bill Murray? Or how Jack Black looks a lot like Paul Revere of “The British are coming” fame? Ecclesiastes 1:9 says “there is nothing new under the sun,” but does that apply to the way people look, too?

The Doppelganger Game shows you a picture of a prominent historical, political, or religious figure, and your job is to identify the celebrity whose physical appearance best matches. Don’t worry, there are hints to help you decide, but some of the pictures speak for themselves.

This purchase includes:
  • PowerPoint and Keynote versions of the game
  • 34 JPEG slides—title slide, 11 question slides, 11 hint slides, and 11 answer slides
  • 36 editable PSD slides

    Note: Because the author graciously included the PSD slides, this download is a whopping 120 megabytes. But it’s worth it for such a great game!

    Not only will this game test your students’ observational skills and celebrity knowledge— it may very well be proof that time travel exists.
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    Eric Upton