The Cross at Christmas: 25-Day Devotional

The Cross at Christmas: 25-Day Devotional

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This devotional resource provides 25 days of short, gospel-centered, practical, challenging devotions for the Christmas season.


This 25-day Christmas devotional will get your students connected to Jesus over this Christmas season by taking them through almost all of the parables of Jesus. Each day explains the parable, explicitly connects it to the gospel, challenges students with practical application for the holidays, and gives them space to journal what God is speaking to them.

Each day is laid out in an easily accessible format with: Read, Where is Christmas, Reflect, Pray, Apply. The "Where is Christmas?" portion is where we can see the good news in the parable.

Whether you have students who are completely unchurched or have been Christians forever, this resource is a great tool to challenge them, help them understand some of Jesus' most difficult teachings, and give them some next steps in their relationship with Jesus.

This Resource Includes:

  • Student devotional document (Word file)
  • Designed full-color devotional document (pdf file)
  • Graphics (jpeg files)

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Sabrina Hadro

Sabrina Hadro

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