The Bloody Bible

The Bloody Bible

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A 4-week series that digs in to bloody, gruesome, and gory stories from the Bible.


Doug's notes: This is a well-written, well-researched resource that tackles subjects from the Bible many are afraid to teach about.

The Bloody Bible is a four-week series that looks at some of the stories from the Bible that make us question whether or not God is truly a loving God. We start out with the time God endorsed child sacrifice (Abraham and Isaac), then move into God-ordained genocide (Israel moving into the Promised Land). In the third week, we look at more child killing (the Passover), and end with a vicious execution (the Crucifixion).

Although these stories, at face value, paint God to be violent, unloving, and ruthless, when we dive further in, we see a God who is patient and offers opportunity after opportunity for his people to turn from their sins and follow Him.

This Resource Includes:
• 4 Weeks of Teaching Manuscripts (Word)
• 2 Title graphic options (jpg)
• 1 bumper video (.mp4)


Eric Davis