The Art of Asking Questions

The Art of Asking Questions

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Help your leaders grow by mastering the art of asking questions
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Your answers aren’t nearly as powerful as your questions. This isn’t an easy truth to accept! The World fights fiercely for our attention, everywhere we turn there is another agenda forced in our face.

What if there was a better way to make a difference? What if there was an alternative to talking AT or talking TO or talking DOWN to the students God has entrusted to us?

We don’t have to add to the noise. Instead, we can create a silence that speaks volumes.

Divided into two parts, the first section explores 8 reasons WHY questions are essential for a healthy youth ministry. Not only will this help your leaders see the value of asking questions, it will also serve as a diagnostic tool by which they can evaluate their conversations with students. The second section contains 25 tips for asking better questions—more than enough material to equip your newer leaders and challenge your veterans.

This resource contains:
• a simple two-page handout and some brief teaching notes (in PDF and an editable word doc)

Great leaders master the art of asking questions, and this resource can help you improve this essential youth ministry skill.


Matt McGill