Text With Jesus - Fully Committed

Text With Jesus - Fully Committed

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This 1:30 video turns Luke 9:57-62 into a texting conversation between Jesus and a man. Will he be fully committed to Jesus?


This "Text With Jesus" video is a little different from the others in an amazing way. Like the other videos, this resource takes the passage it focuses on and turns it into a text message conversation with Jesus. However, this video takes the conversation about commitment (Luke 9:57-62) to the next level when another message is received from a friend asking what Jesus had to say. Big shocker: Jesus wants full commitment!

This Resource Includes:

  • 1:30 widescreen video (mp4 file)
  • 1:30 social video (mp4 file)

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"Look for Easter Eggs! The charging symbol in these videos always turns green when in an active conversation with Jesus, Jesus always shows as online, and more. It's a great tool before small group discussions or messages on the passage presented in the video."
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Trever Pusey