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Fun crowd interaction with student's cell phones


Are phones an annoyance in your youth group? Want to just have a bit of fun with someone on stage because it is their birthday? Here's your chance!

Enter the Text-o-Matic SMS screening system. Just place a student's phone in a container and the Text-o-Matic will magically display the last text message that phone received. Obviously, this type of earth-shattering technology isn't possible, so we've given you a dozen slides to help poke fun and the helpless person on stage. To complete the illusion there's a fun animated meter, title slide and more. In fact, if you've got some basic graphics chops we've included all you need to make your own slides custom to your youth group.

This game is great straight out of the .zip file, but if you make it your own it will totally own the crowd.

This game is gr8 4 yr students this Wed get it now ttyl

DYM Team