Teen 2 Teen Mentoring

Teen 2 Teen Mentoring

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A 9-week mentoring guide that gives high school students the opportunity to mentor middle school students.


Equip your high school leaders to engage middle schoolers and lead them to grow as disciples of Christ through this mentoring guide. Each high school mentor will be paired with a middle school mentee (same gender), and then given a nine-week discussion plan that they will go through together. High schoolers are given the chance to grow in their leadership ability, and middle schoolers are given the chance to learn from an older student. It's a win-win!

Session 1: Friendship
Session 2: Encouragement
Session 3: Others First
Session 4: You Are Gifted
Session 5: Absolute Faith
Session 6: Wise Choices
Session 7: My Friend Is Struggling with…
Session 8: The Future
Session 9: Sharing My Faith

This Resource Includes:
• How to Use this Resource
• Parent information sheets
• 9-Week Discussion Guides
• Guidelines for leading a mentoring session
• CAPS structure
• Commitment sheets for mentors and mentees
• Weekly evaluation sheets