Team Games

Team Games

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A highly detailed 10-week team competition concept to increase attendance and excitement in your ministry.


This product takes care of all the administrative stuff so you can just have fun!

This is a highly detailed 10-week team competition concept that divides your youth ministry into four teams. The teams earn points by winning games, bringing friends, and just showing up. This is perfect for ten weeks in the summer to increase your lowest attendance months to some of your highest numbers. Or, it can be used for ten days (or less) of a camp or retreat where you need a fun competition to carry through the week. Everything you need from attendance forms, score sheets, detailed game explanations, or a pic to load onto social media with the updated scores, is included in this product.

• Team Games Overview: Everything you need to know about the background, purpose, set up, and layout of the competition.

• Attendance Sheets: Easy-to-use attendance sheets for leaders to fill out for their team to not only gain points but also help them stay in touch with the students.

• Scoreboard Graph: Excel file where you can input each week's score to get a professional graph that can save as a picture to upload to social media to keep the students updated with the scores.

• Weekly Score Sheets and Game Instructions: Highly detailed yet easy-to-use score sheets help keep track of the points each week along with detailed explanations of the game set-up and rules.

NOTE: For those looking for a successful summer program that will bring students in while still maintaining appropriate social-distancing, this product will absolutely work!  When the author’s youth ministry relaunched in the summer of 2020, they immediately jumped in their Team Games and saw higher numbers than pre-COVID days!  It’s easy to trade a couple “close contact” games for either ones your youth group is familiar with or another solution is to simply repeat a few of the included games/activities that spread students out.  The documents are easy to edit to fit whatever you choose to do!

This Resource Includes:
• Team Games overview document (Word file)
• Game instructions (supplies/set-up) and score sheet for each week (Word files)
• Attendance sheets (Word files)
• Scoreboard graph (Excel file)
• Title slide (jpeg file)

Michael Scott

Michael Scott

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