Talk Cards Volume 2

Talk Cards Volume 2

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Talk Cards Volume 2 is a digital screen and print-ready resource designed to help build connection in any room or "break the ice" in any small group setting.


Talk Cards Volume 2 is a resource designed to enhance connection in a room and help initiate conversation. This package comes with a digital option to lead a crowd from the stage, a self-driven video, and also a pdf file print option, so cards can be used in smaller groups. Each card has four questions that are varied in areas of interest. This will help all participants find a place to join in the conversation and start building deeper connections.

This Resource Includes:

  • Complete PowerPoint file
  • 10 card (four questions each, 40 total questions) images (jpeg files)
  • 4-minute self-scrolling video (mp4 file)
  • Print-ready cards (pdf files)
  • Blank slide for customization (jpeg file)
  • How to use this resource document (pdf file)
  • Title slide (jpeg file)


Note from Author

About this Product
If you're like me, having a segment in the program where participants can meet new people and build connections is important. Use one Talk Card a week as a reoccurring segment and it could last you over two months of programming. Also, printing the provided PDF can be a perfect way to start off any small group.

John Lindsey

John is the Creative Director of Student Ministry at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, KY.