Tale of Tamar

Tale of Tamar

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A one-off message exploring Tamar's shocking story and presence in Christ's lineage as a powerful reminder to students today that their identity and value are found in Christ, not their past.


Doug's note: I'd teach this tomorrow... actually, I probably will. Ha. Seriously, who wants to teach on Matthew chapter 1? Well, now I do. Well done.

Are genealogies even important? In Matthew 1:1-17, we see the gospel proclaimed through the genealogy of Jesus. Shockingly, four women are mentioned, including Tamar, a Canaanite who was taken advantage of and abused by the men in her life. We read her story in Genesis 38. In God's economy, Tamar's presence enhances the purity and dignity of Jesus's lineage. In this one-off message, you'll challenge your students to find their identity and value in Christ's story, not in their past.

Tamar's tale, often forgotten, is a powerful one that is incredibly relevant today.

This Resource Includes:
• Complete message manuscript (Word file)
• Small group guide (Word file)
• Student handout (blank and filled-in) (Word files)
• Presentation files (Sidekick 'Presenter' and PowerPoint)
• Graphics package with title image, content image, image for Instagram (jpeg files)


Matthew McNutt

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