Sword Drill Charades

Sword Drill Charades

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Yup, we combined sword drills with charades for this screen-based game… and it's awesome!


Yup, we combined sword drills with charades… and it's awesome!

Simply have a student or students look up the words in the Bible. Then have them act it out for their team.  Have teams compete to see who can guess the words first. For example, look up the 4th word of Job 39:14 and the 3rd  word of Matthew 11:29, and they have to act out “Egg Yoke.”

This game works great as a group game or as an upfront game. Either way, your students will be using their Bibles and having a blast.

Author Note: This game works only with the NIV Bible published after 2011. If you use a different Bible the phrases will not make sense. 

This Resource Includes:

  • Complete PowerPoint game file
  • Individual (12 Q&A + tiebreaker + instructions) game slides (jpeg files) 
  • Title slide (jpeg file)

David Rutledge

Dave loves DYM and thinks about nothing other than his next DYM submission. After many years of working in the church in the states, he and his family now work in Africa.