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Turn any respectable Friends-giving celebration into a Foes-giving as individuals or teams compete to discover the top answers given to all things Thanksgiving-related in this Sidekick 'Survey Says' game.


This Sidekick 'Survey Says' game will turn any respectable Friends-giving celebration into a Foes-giving.  Discover the answers of surveyed individuals revolving around all things Thanksgiving-related. Play it as a one-on-one, or in teams.  Either way, the fun will not cease playing this Thanksgiving-themed popular game with 11 rounds!!

*Can be played digitally over Zoom!

This Resource Includes: 

  • Sidekick 'Survey Says' game file
  • Title slide (jpeg file)
  • Animated title slide (mp4 file)

adam van arsdale

Adam is a Student Pastor, Registered Nurse, husband of 10 years and father to 3 little girls. He has a passion to see students grow in their faith in an ever troubling world.