Survey Says Parent Edition

Survey Says Parent Edition

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A Sidekick 'Survey Says' game where parents were asked questions about their teenagers.


This works just like any other Sidekick 'Survey Says' game. Fifty parents of teenagers were asked questions and the answers and point values are all loaded into the game file. 

In the 11-round game, students will try to answer the questions in the same way they think parents would, and the more parents that agree with them, the more points they get.

This Resource Includes:

  • Sidekick 'Survey Says' file
  • Title and background slides (jpeg files)


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I played this with students versus parents, and it was a hit!

Chris McNaney

I'm Chris! I'm a youth pastor in Northeast PA, I'm a fan of sweet tea and The Office, I ride a motorcycle, and I have three ducks!