Survey Says Christmas Clash

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Ever wonder what people would add to the Christmas menu if they could? Find out in this Christmas Edition of Survey Says based on a REAL survey of almost 500 people!


This resource is a Christmas Edition of Survey Says based on actual answers from almost 500 people! Enjoy some classic Christmas themed questions along with a few out of the box options you might not expect! Students, adults, and families alike will enjoy trying to get all the answers!

This Resource Includes:

  • Sidekick File
  • Red or Green Background / Title Slides
  • How to Play instructions and suggestions with link to all survey answers!
  • 12 Questions with answers and numbers loaded!


Thomas Swanson

Thomas Swanson

Thomas is a student ministry director in Sinking Spring, PA and loves doing everyday things with his beautiful wife and daughter, and occasionally (read often) reacting dramatically to 9 square eliminations of his students.