Survey Says - Grad Edition

Survey Says - Grad Edition

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With this Sidekick 'Survey Says' game, you'll get 10 rounds that tie to the graduation season. "We polled 100 graduating seniors, and the survey says..."


This Sidekick 'Survey Says' game comes with 10 rounds of high school grad season and post-high school life surveys. This game is perfect if you are doing any kind of grad ceremony. Bring parents in to face off against their kids, or take some sibling groups and have them face off against each other.

This Resource Includes: 

  • Sidekick 'Survey Says' game file
  • Title slide (jpeg file)
  • Background slide (jpeg file)

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With 10 rounds and how long they can last, you have a couple of years' worth of games!
Derry Prenkert

Derry Prenkert

Derry is a 25+ year youth ministry veteran providing coaching, consulting, care, and content to starting, stuck, and struggling ministry leaders (primarily youth pastors).