Superhero Devotional (the Sequel)

Superhero Devotional (the Sequel)

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30-day devotional for students using superheroes as the focus. With great power comes great responsibility!


This is the type of resource that makes DYM so unique. Who would have ever thought of this? No one on the DYM team and yet it’s so clever.

The sequel is out! Now students can read about 30 more superheroes and villains while also delving into God's Word. Each day students will read about a different superhero or villain and how it is related to a Bible story, or something they might be dealing with as a teen. Every day will includes a Scripture reading and some reflective questions to help students apply it to their lives.

If you have kids who are into Super Hero type stuff… they will geek out on this. Make as many copies as you want for your own youth group.

The purpose of this devotional is to encourage students to develop a daily quiet time with God. Having a daily quiet time is vital to our daily walk with Christ. It will challenge students and help give them tools to make better decisions, have a better attitude, and most importantly, help their relationship with Christ grow in a super way!

What’s Included:

    • 30 one-page daily devotionals (word document, no special formatting included)

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Ryan Dunn