Summer Camp Of Your Dreams: A Camp Alternative

Summer Camp Of Your Dreams: A Camp Alternative

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A three-night high-energy Summer Camp experience for an at-home Camp alternative.


Doug's note: This is a great example of why DYM was started! So much here making it super easy to do your own [stay at home] camp.

Summer Camp of Your Dreams is a three-night camp experience for your ministry. Like many of you, our Summer plans changed due to COVID so since we couldn’t take our students to camp, we brought camp to our students. We wanted to reach the most students, to keep costs low for families (some have been without work since Feb due to shelter-in-place orders), and to keep students safe.

We bundled it all in one resource and now we’re passing it on to you.

This Resource Includes:
• Camp Values / How To guide (Word file)
- Includes ideas for: meals, backdrop/set, late night activities, desserts, etc.
• Full Camp Schedule (Word file)
• 3 4-hour Event Schedules (Word files)
• 3 1-hour Main Session Schedules (Word files)
• Complete Rec book (3 days of amazing Olympic-themed competitions) (Word files)
• Printable Student notebook (Word file)
• Graphics: Welcome Slides, Message, Background Slides, Pre-Scroll graphics, TShirt logo (jpeg files)
• 3 ready-to-edit emails for Parents, Leaders, Students (Word files)
• Covid Adjustments/Details - social distancing, masks, sanitizing, etc. (Word file)

Note: This resource does NOT include message transcripts. (There's lots of ready-to-go series on DYM you can check out!) Rec games included do feature some use of shared objects.


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