Student Ministry and Divorce: 4 Ways to Help Hurting Students

Student Ministry and Divorce: 4 Ways to Help Hurting Students

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A practical and detailed guide to ministering to students of divorce.


Divorce is a part of our cultural landscape. Unfortunately, it’s not going away and it affects many of our students. But are we, as youth workers, ministering to these students in the most effective way possible? Or, in the constantly changing face of student ministry, have other issues risen to the surface and received more of our focus?

Dive into this eBook to get a fresh glimpse at an ongoing issue that many students deal with every day. This 60-page eBook will guide you through practical steps to minister to the students and families in your church or small group who have been hurt by divorce.

This would be a great resource to give to that one key volunteer or parent who has a heart for caring for those from divorced families.

Table of Contents:

Part One: The Issue
Divorce and the Bible
What Jesus Had to Say
The Heart of Marriage
Divorce: The Numbers
Divorce Rate in America
Divorce Rate Among Believers
Divorce and Student Ministry

Part Two: Divorce and the Family
Family File: Franklins
Mom and Dad
The Students
The Minister
Everyone Else
Get the Story
Divorce and Students
It's not your fault
I Hate My New Dad
When New isn’t An Adventure
Emotional roller coaster
When Kids Become Adults
Divorce and The Family
I Never Thought It Would Be Us
The New Normal
Outsider's Opinion
Reaching the Family
Divorce and the Church Family
The Season of Divorce in serving the church
He Said, She Said
The Danger of not getting the story

Part Three: Four Ways to Minister

One: Ministering by Prayer
When Do I Pray?
How Do I Pray?
The most effective thing you’ll do

Two: Ministering by Presence
During the split
One on One
The Art of Listening
Parents too
After the fact

Three: Ministering by Program
Teaching that lays the foundation
Divorce Care Groups
Small Group Ministry
Other Ministries

Four: Ministering Practically
Parental Guidance
What Other Student Ministers are Doing
The Last Word
End Notes

This Resource Includes:
• 60-page EBook

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Ronald Long

Middle School Pastor in Texas and Co-Host of The Middle School Ministry Podcast in the DYM Network