Student Leadership Program Resources

Student Leadership Program Resources

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Everything you need to help students become a part of your student leadership program!


Doug's note: Wow! Another complete package that saves tons of time. This is so good and helpful. Grateful for these types of documents on DYM. Worth 10x this amount with all the time it will save.

This resource provides you with all of the forms and instructions you need to get students signed up for your student leadership program. It includes both printable and online samples of forms for both students and their adult mentors to fill out, as well as samples of what your students are committing to as leaders. It provides an excellent jumping-off point for any student leadership program to help students clearly understand what it is they are committing to and why.

This Resource Includes:
• Resource Overview document (Word)
• Sample Instructions for students and mentors
• New and Returning Student Applications
• View Only Versions of Google Form Applications
• How to Choose a Mentor
• New and Returning Mentor Applications
• Sample Student Interview Questions
• New and Returning Student Acceptance Letters
• New and Returning Mentor Letters


Ashley Black