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A one-off message-with the potential of being a multiweek series-on how our stories intersect with God's ultimate story.


STORYLINE is a 1-off message that uses your leaders to help students see that when we follow Jesus, our lives become part of the bigger story that God is telling throughout history and creation. Think of Storyline as an intro message that sets it all up (complete manuscript and session slides included) and from there, Storyline can easily be developed into a multiweek se-ries, in which you invite people to come share their stories with your students. Start with your leaders or other staff members at your church. Ask them to prepare a complete message that shares their story and emphasizes what God has done in their lives. These unique stories from awesome people will highlight the theme of the series and be a huge inspiration to your students.

This Resource Includes:
• Complete opening message (2,200-word manuscript)
• Graphics package with session slides (JPEG and Powerpoint)
• Small group questions
• Social media graphics
• Info doc & video with tips on how to make the most of this series


Tim Wildsmith

I'm a pastor, writer, and musician from Nashville, TN.