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A 50-page ready-to-use Mission Trip Devotional and Journal


Storms come in all shapes and sizes and impact us in so many ways--both good and bad. These storms shape us into who we are. Bottom line: we will all face storms in our life, BUT how you come out of the storm and what you learn through the process will help dictate the course of your life.

This 7-day mission trip devotional and journal is a great asset to any mission trip. You will be challenged daily as you walk side by side with the Apostle Paul and the storms he and the first disciples faced.

We have been creating mission trip journals for years and it is our hope that the many hours we’ve spent crafting this devotional will benefit others. Please use all the hard work that went into this beefy journal to help your students have a memorable mission trip.

Table of Contents:
2 Introduction
4 QT and Community
5 Encouragement
6 Daily Journals
7 Day 1 – The Powerful Presence of Storms
13 Day 2 – Firm Foundation
20 Day 3 – Comfort in the Storm
26 Day 4 – Responding to Adversity
31 Day 5 – Overcoming the Storm
37 Day 6 – Together
43 Day 7 – The week in Review
49 Trip Debrief & Response

This Resource Includes:
• 7 Day Devotional (Word file)
• Title graphic (tif)


David Falcone

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Sunrise Community Church