State Shapes Trivia

State Shapes Trivia

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Guess the state shape. So simple, so patriotic, so fun!


Participants will be given a state name along with 2 different state shapes. Guess the right one... so simple, and surprisingly hilarious! Perfect game for patriotic holidays; especially July 4. Have fun!

A slide will be shown with the name of a state along with 2 state shapes. They must correctly guess which state shape matches the name.

You can have competition in many ways:
• Head to head
• Head to head with team help – guys against girls, freshmen against seniors, etc. • Group stands up and moves to the side of their guess, wrong answer sits down (My favorite way)

This Resource Includes:
• Complete PowerPoint presentation file (12 questions)
• Individual presentation slide to create more questions (.jpg files)


John Kryvoruka