Spelling Bee 2: Big Theological Words Edition

Spelling Bee 2: Big Theological Words Edition

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The sequel to the original spelling competition, with this edition featuring ridiculously hard theological words.


It's back! The ridiculously hard spelling competition that separates the 4.0 students from the... well not 4.0 students. This second version deals with tough to spell theology terms that will be sure to stump most brains!

Some answers: Eschatology, soteriology, heresy

You have been warned – this is NOT an easy game for the casual kid. However, if you want to do a series or Sunday School class on some of the big theological words, this one 1000% fits the bill.

To play: Speak the word while showing the definition slide, then allow participants to attempt to spell the word. Then, display the word slide, which shows the correct spelling.

What’s included:

    • Complete PowerPoint game file
    • 10 Individual Q&A game slides (jpeg files)
    • Title slide (jpeg file)

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Tim Veenstra