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This Sidekick 'Pick Me' game is perfect for use in online youth ministry on platforms such as Zoom and YouTube. Students must attempt to correctly spell long words.


This Sidekick 'Pick Me' game is perfect for online platforms such as Zoom. With your students live, spin the Pick Me generator. Once it stops, (you can also choose a student to yell "Stop!") an extra long word will appear. Quickly clear or blank the screen. Use the attached PDF with all the words listed to check the spelling and to present the word correctly. Say the word out loud. The first student to raise their hand gets a chance to spell the word out loud. If they get it right, they win!

This Resource Includes:
• Sidekick 'Pick Me' game file
• Title and background slides (jpeg files)
• Document with the correct spelling of all the words in the game (pdf file)


Jeremy Best

Matt Baker

Matt Baker

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