Speed Grilling

Speed Grilling

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A fun, fast-paced, interactive way for students and leaders to know one another better.


A fun and simple way for students and leaders to get to know one another better, modeled after "speed dating" with the exception that we aren’t trying to get leaders to date students - that would be creepy!

Use this resource when launching small groups, welcoming new students into your ministry, or anytime you want to deepen relationships between your students and your leaders. Play by letting students grill their leaders, or invite leaders and students go back and forth asking each other questions in this fast-paced game.

This Resource Includes:
• Complete instructions document (Word file)
• Title graphic (jpeg file)
(does not include the actual questions)


Kevin Mahaffy

Kevin Mahaffy is a student ministry veteran with over 20 years of vocational youth ministry under his belt. He has also served as a teaching pastor and is popular speaker at camps and retreats, and currently serves as the Family Ministries pastor at Bay Hills Church in El Sobrante, CA.