Speaking to Middle School Students

Speaking to Middle School Students

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Are you about to teach a group of middle school students? Read this and be SLIGHTLY less terrified about it, but a lot more prepared.


Those of us who work with Middle School students usually get labeled one or two things: brave or crazy. To be honest, it takes a mixture of both. Speaking to MS students is a different ballgame than speaking to a High School audience. MS students’ minds are blurs of child and adolescent thoughts, both vying for the top spot. So how can you communicate to them in a way that will impact their lives? That's what this book is all about.

In this accessible, yet 100 page book, you'll find the following sections to help you think about how to you speak to MS Students. It's all written from the standpoint of a guy who does it for a living and survives to talk about it week in and week out!

Who are MS Students?
A quick rundown of the 10 to 14-year-old brain and what's going on up there.

The Room Set Up
Helpful tips to make your space work FOR you, not against you.

Worthwhile Content
This section will challenge you to be strategic in what you teach, both from your ministry vision and from God's Word.

Teaching Elements
This gets into the meat of teaching Middle School students. How can you use time, screens, interactive questions, illustrations, games, music, experiences, and application to really drive home what you're teaching to MS students.

Beyond Speaking
The purpose of this section is to get you thinking beyond your talk. How do you partner with parents? What do you do with volunteers while you teach? How do you deal with distractions? And finally, what are some speaking don'ts that you should be aware of?

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Ronald Long

Middle School Pastor in Texas and Co-Host of The Middle School Ministry Podcast in the DYM Network