Sound Effects - Volume 2

Sound Effects - Volume 2

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This interactive game will get the whole room meowing!
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Remember that time everyone in the room was barking like dogs? If you played the first edition of Sound Effects, you do! Now, in Volume 2, you have 11 more sounds for the crowd to make.

The gameplay is simple: Get a few contestants on stage (use DYM’s game app, Pick Me!) and then get ready for this audience participation game! Make sure the contestants cannot see the screen. In the style of a reverse charades (like Emoji Charades or Disney Charades) have the audience make the sound effects seen on screen and see who the first contestant is who can guess the sound. Some sounds are easy while others may take quite some time to guess.

The slides are made in the same format at the original to mix and match how it works for you.

This resource includes:
• Complete PowerPoint game file
• Gameplay instructions (Word file)
• Individual (11 rounds + instructions + blank slide for customization) game slides (jpeg files)


Ken Leslie