Soul Searching

Soul Searching

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A four-week series on why our souls are important, and why and how we can take care of our souls.


Doug's note: EXCELLENT! So much in this series... wow! 

Editor's note: This is a well-written and well-stocked resource on a topic that I haven't seen covered much in the resources I've edited. Highly recommended.

This four-week sermon series asks questions like, 

"What is a soul?"
"Why is my soul important?"
"How should I take care of my soul?"
"How does my soul impact people around me?"

MORE than just four sermons, this resources includes all of the dynamic graphics you need before and during your teaching. Bumper videos and four weeks of social media posts are included! Also, invest in your leaders with the leader devotionals and small group material already done for you.

Week 1: Sabbath
God created you to be with Him, and your soul will only find rest in Him.

Week 2: Ownership
A healthy soul requires work.

Week 3: Unity
Healthy relationships keep our souls healthy.

Week 4: Limits
Your soul cannot be healthy outside of God’s limits.

Does it pair well with the movie "Soul?" from Pixar? Absolutely. Do you have to have any knowledge of the movie to preach this series? No! It can work at anytime. 

This Resource Includes:

  • An overview document
  • Sample email to introduce series to parents
  • 4 ready-to-give-to-your-leaders small group guides (Includes: Main point, ice breakers, starter questions, and a prayer prompter)
  • 4 manuscripts
  • 4 Powerpoint Presentations
  • Bumper Video
  • Pre-made weekly slides
  • High-quality graphics (title, weekly social media, and blank slides)
  • Devotionals to invest in your leaders

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Plan ahead! Begin or end this series with a drive in movie night and watch Pixar's movie "Soul." Compare what the world has to say about our soul and what God has to say!

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